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PostHeaderIcon Develop Systems And Watch Your Business Flourish

Do you really need a “system” to succeed?

What are “systems” and how do they affect your life and business?

How you start your day is a system.

Your personal development plan should be a system.

The way you’re growing your influence should be a system.

All of your sales processes should be put into a system.

Systems are reliable when people aren’t.

This was a fascinating episode of The Daily Shortcut for me. I invite you to watch it too and to leave a comment. I’d love to hear what systems
you already use in your life or business!

Watch the episode Here Now…

PostHeaderIcon Rise To Win In Business And Life

Have you ever tried to swim upstream?

As the current surges, rips, roars, and pumps against you, and at the point you finally give in to the direction the current is moving… you realize there must be a better way.

(There is)

You see, it’s easier to *maintain* a current of energy, rather than try to change its direction.

As you watch this episode of The Daily Shortcut, think about the currents of decline working against you in your life or business — how could the tides change if you allowed them to change you?

PostHeaderIcon What Does A Winner Do When He Encounters Adversity?

If you think Rocky Balboa’s success was because we was the best fighter, or the strongest, or the most skilled…

… you would be 100% WRONG.

What is “Adversity Quotient“, and how does it serve and tie into every aspect of your life?

He perseveres.

Being an entrepreneur is not always a walk in the park – but it’s always worth it. If you want to be an entrepreneur, expect to face adversity from time to time.

What’s your “adversity quotient”?

Discover what this is, and how it can attract wealth in your life if you allow it!