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Two Perfect Super Viral Commission Tools!

When I first get to know Marty Petrizza, I had subscribed to her very successful mailer site Email Hog. Having perfect success with my mailings and the subscriptions I got from them, I started to follow Marty and this was a very wise decision of mine.  And +9400 members is a great source to get noticed with your products and services.

Marty has done a great job and invented Referral Frenzy and Downline Builder Elite recently.

I explain why you can profit so much as nowhere else…

Both programs are very powerful and just a MUST to join. The goal of any online marketer is to get to results earlier or later and succeed to a higher level. That is where Marty comes in as she has put in serious work and her willingness to help and see you succeed with time.

Referral Frenzy will give you the tools and advertising you need to really stand out and make a difference! Take this site very seriously! It is a site that is going to give you what you need to step out in power like the powerhouse marketers that have lots of sites.

The advertising you get is phenomenal:  1000’s of views and mail credits at great sites (growing fast every month…), and all for just a measly $6 a month. The mailer lets you mail to 28 sites with one template, quick, efficient, and a powerful reach!

You have got to quit being afraid to join and use mailers, If you have a choice to build a house with straw, sticks, or bricks… you choose bricks!!

Email marketing definitively gives you the bricks!

There is a Bonus Advertising section and for every program you are already a member of (most of them you have joined anyway) which gives you an average of 1000/1000/1000 mailing, banner and text credits per month.

You also get 3 Banners and 3 Text Ads in unlimited rotation. This alone will explode your advertising many fold, at no additional cost.

Now, this is just Referral Frenzy. Inside you can join for free and use the really phenomenal Downlinebuilder Elite and I can tell you that this is one of the most powerful tools yet. You may not realize it, but being on the side of earning those commissions that should go to you, and did not because you never put your IDs in the downline builders at the sites you belong to, you can make lots and lots of money that you would just lose anywhere else.

Fill in your IDs just once for all programs your are a member of and they will be stored for ever and also implemented into every downline builder of all sub programs. You never have to worry about losing a commission or referral.

All this for $6 a month, or even less than $4 a month if you take the yearly upgrade. In this case you get 2 Solos Mailings ($18 value) as well. These go to all Referral Frenzy members and Email-Hogs 9400+ members.

But you have to make a decision to take that step as I am not sure how long these low and exclusive prices will last. The sites however, they will be on the market for a very long time and growing fast. That is why I trust Marty and got in very early.

As an upgraded member (not mandatory), you will also be able to promote the Downlinebuilder Elite and earn 50% commissions, all others who just come in the will only get 30% commissions.

Imagine you get Referral Frenzy and Downlinebuilder Elite all for one low $6 a month price! A site that WILL make a difference for you and there simply is nowhere else online you will get this kind of value for you marketing dollar!

Become a winner too and join today!

Experience the ease and power of mailing through Referral Frenzy. It’s well worth it and it already created very favourable results for me.

 Join Referrral Frenzy and FREE Dwonlinebuilder Elite!