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PostHeaderIcon How To Get Accepted Into Google’s AdSense Program

When you have a goal to make your site profitable on a consistent basis, using Google AdSense is one of the most effective methods to accomplish that goal. Of course, you must be able to get through the approval process in order for that to happen. If you follow these great tips though that shouldn’t be a problem.

Never Have Copied Content on Your Site:

If you want to become a part of the Google AdSense program, then make sure that your website is top of the line. When applying for AdSense, be certain that your website does not have duplicate or plagiarized articles on it. If it does, then your application will not be approved by the program. Google looks at all websites and ensures that they are okay for the AdSense program. They do not want to have any dealings with blogs that steal from other blogs. It would not be considered professional. This is why you should always have quality articles. Some website owners think it’s easy to have content that’s ‘spun’ or basically generated through a computer program. This will only give you a fifty to sixty percent originality. But again, this will not be acceptable when applying for an AdSense account. Make sure your site is getting traffic before you try to get AdSense approval. When you have a fair amount of consistent traffic, Google will understand the potential your partnership represents. It’s even more important with sites that haven’t been around very long. Sites that are well established with a steady flow of traffic shouldn’t be all that concerned about their approval odds. But if you’re new then make sure you’re listed in the search engines, web directories, etc. Guest blogging, article marketing, and backlink building can get you a little extra search engine love and traffic too. If your traffic numbers are solid and healthy it will be an easy approval decision for Google to make.

Use Established Services: One of the easiest and the most effective ways to get approved for Google AdSense is to use established services such as Squidoo, HubPages, Google Knol, Blogger, etc. Even applying through these services it’s wise to wait a month of so before requesting approval. The fact remains that your odds of approval are much higher when applying through Blogger and similar sites. Google owns Blogger so they have a vested interest in making it grow. Add quality content to your blog for several weeks though before you even think about applying. So now that you have read this, how does it look in your business? Imagine a different scenario in which you take one new method and apply it to as much of the online scope as possible. A lot of people can sometimes slip back into a lazier approach to their businesses if they are making solid profits and maybe begin outsourcing work, etc. All we can ever do is alert people to dangers and best practices that are designed to actually help protect them. It is tempting to fall into the whole thing about an autopilot income and business using commission vantage bonus or some other approach, but beware because that can be dangerous. There is massive competition on the net, and you take that plus the unknowns such as the climate changing or policy changes and that should get your attention. Going through the initial steps to get approved with Google AdSense is totally worth it because once you have your account, you’ll able to run AdSense on multiple sites and start making money. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to take your time and do it right for easy approval on your first try.

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