How To Create Your Own Amazon Web Stores In A Breeze!

Did you ever wonder how you could monetize Amazon Products for your own Profit and rake in commissions on autopilot? Well, I recently tried a bit on my Amazon Account and finally it was very easy.

The first thing you need to do is to get your own Associates Amazon Account.

Next click the button “aStore” in your Dashboard.

You can have up to 100 aStores per Associate account. Click the “Add an aStore” button to create a new aStore or click the “Edit” button to update an existing aStore. Click the “Use This Template” button to create an aStore using a pre-configured template. You can then customize aStore’s content and settings any way you like.

Chose a unique ID for your store. Amazon will tell you whether your choice is available or make a proposition you can use too. Try a little bit using your fantasy to find a compelling and unique store ID.

Then customize your Amazon Store with the tools given and add the products, categories and themes you would like to display.

When done, click on the left side bar of your Amazon Dashboard at “aStore Widget” to customize the widget to promote your products from your store on any website you want.

With aStore widgets, you can display products from your aStore. You can add aStore widgets to various pages of your website and drive traffic to your aStore. Use the Build Links tool to select the appearance and behaviour of the widget, and then simply cut-and-paste the code into your template or Web page. Your page will now display aStore widget.

I have done this for some different products and you can check out them here:

Baby Strollers
Dog Supplies
Football Jerseys
Golf Bags
Golf Clubs
Laptop Computers
NFL Gear
Romatic Gifts
Stereo Systems
Toddler Toys
Weight Loss
Cook Books
Dating Guides
Learn Martial Arts
Money Saving Tips
Pool Tables
Tennis Rackets

Feel free to get some ideas for your own Amazon Stores. It’s really easy to do and your monthly commission income will start to flow soon…

Best success!

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