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PostHeaderIcon 10 Hot And Fresh Minisite Templates For You

Are you Struggling with Perfect Graphics and Tools?

I have great news and want to tell you about Aaron’s latest minisite template release. It covers a perfect range of markets to help you sell better!

On top of that you can pick up a very nice looking and top notch graphic template completely free of charge!  Just Click the Red Gift Ad on Top Right…

Here’s what’s available in the package:

– Acai Berries Revealed
– Cat Training
– Digital Cameras
– Dog Training
– Gaining Weight
– Learn Guitar
– Martial Arts
– Quit Smoking
– Surviving Valentines Day
– Wood working

And with each template you’ll receive a suite of graphics to go along with it!

– Receive 7 animated GIF banners

– Medium box graphics in 30 sizes ranging
  from 100x100px to 600x708px

– Standing CDs in 27 sizes ranging from
  100x100px to 600x600px

– Paperback book graphics in 30 sizes
  ranging from 100x100px to 600x766px

– Package graphics of all eCovers in 30
  sizes ranging from 100x75px to 600x450px

– Fast loading GIF, High quality JPG and
  High quality transparant PNG for all
  eCovers for various usage.

– HTML template with formatted tables and
  images to load all graphics – saves you
  time doing it

– Text-editable PSD layers to rebrand the
  graphics how you want

– Font files to match existing text design
  in PSD and save you time searching!

This really is a well put together package done by a professional who normally charges $497 upwards for just one of these designs. Now you’ll be able to get 10 for almost next to nothing!

Does it get better?… YES!

Aaron and I are now both offering a reseller’s license to the entire package! That means you get to sell the graphics to other marketers for personal usage. And on top of that you’ll get your own completely cool looking minisite that you can customize!


Even if it’s too difficult to set that up, Aaron and his team will INSTALL this very offer on your server for you so you can be selling just like we are! This is a seriously cool offer and the personal service is what makes this a no brainer! Check out the entire package now (Choose the third option if you want the install service!

I am sure you can get so much profit out of this crazy package. Make sure it reads ‘Reserved For Subscribers  at the top of the page to ensure you get the best price! An d don’t forget to download the free graphics templates too…

Enjoy and best success! 



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