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PostHeaderIcon Write Best Sales Letters Easy

How To Write Killer Sales Letters

Write professionally sales copy like a Pro. If you have a great idea, a product and/or an income opportunity, then all you need is a powerful, compelling sales copy. With this fantastic 73 pages eBook you will learn how you can create your very own “Virtual Sales Person” that will do all the selling for you 24/7 with a 2 % or 4 % conversion.

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PostHeaderIcon How To get Free Website Visitors

The 100 Free Visitors A Day Report

It’s really a fantastic way to get traffic and visitors with just some 10 minutes of work a day and a onetime set-up of about 30 minutes.

An absolutely Free PDF report called the 100 Free Visitors A Day System and you can download it for free here…

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PostHeaderIcon Free Magical Six Figures

Grab your Free eBook about the Magical 6-Figures

Or How To Explode Your Online Income From Zero To 6 Figure Yearly In 12 Months Or Less Even If You Know Nothing About Internet Marketing! Free Report Worth $67!

This free report is about how to explode your online income from Zero to 6figures yearly, within only 12 months. And it’s well worth Reading!

If you feel that a 6 figure income is impossible, it’s actually not if you know how to do it. When you break it down into daily income and the number of sales and the price how much you it sell for, it’s all more clear and realistic.

Let me explain:

100,000/year = 8333.33/month

8333.33/month = 277.77/day

and 277.77/day =

…10x sales of $27 products
or 6x sales of $47 products
or 3x sales of $97 products

or if you own a high ticket item…
1x sale of a 297 product

or if you blast out an email
to your list, 27 sales at $10
for a blow-out offer…

If you break the whole process down into manageable numbers like this, you have more control over that seemingly large
6-figure income….

Inside of this report, you will get access to 3 business models that REALLY WORK as well as detailed steps you need to take to help you hit that daily target.

It’s a good read especially considering it’s free.

Here’s what’s inside…

– Income Model 1
– Income Model 2
– Income Model 3

– Why You Should Become A ClickBank Affiliate
– The 3 Steps To Pick A Winner To Promote
– How To Pick The Right Keywords
– Why Keyword Research Is Critical
– Targeting Long Tail Key Phrases
– Secrets To Building Huge Keyword Lists

– Sales Funnel Secrets Revealed
– Direct Selling For “BUMS”
– Using Product Reviews To Presell Your Visitors

– How Mini Courses Can Triple Or Quadruple Your Income
– Creating Free Reports – Your 24/7 Salespersons

– Traffic Building Strategies And Secrets
– The “WRITE” Way For Massive Traffic
– Web 2.0 Secrets That Pull In 100s Of Visitors
– Where To Find Cheap Clicks

Get started now and download it here!

This 6 Figures Earning Guide is a Real Starting Point!

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PostHeaderIcon The One Signup A Day Strategy

Get One Signup a Day The Easy Way

You can get this 100% FREE. Discover a simple method that I used and am still using to get at least 1 signup a day for any business opportunity that I’m promoting. No opt-in needed. Just click the link below to download this report immediately!

It’s absolutely free!

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PostHeaderIcon X-Mas Giveaway Gifts to Keep…

Make Money Online With These Free Reports, Tools & Resources!

X-Mas is near and that’s why you should profit from this last Giveaway Event right now!

If you have been looking to saving a lot on building your business, you’ll love what this exclusive Giveaway offers. In you are in a hurry, you can check it out right now.

Myself & a selected group of TOP Internet Marketers are pooling together some of our best internet business building resources – and you can gain instant access to them at no cost.

Expect cool resources like:

* Collection of E-Books & Resell Rights,
* Private Label Content,
* Templates,
* Business-in-a-box,
* And Much, Much More!

For a limited time only, you can get them all here at no cost!

Enjoy and Warm Regards.


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PostHeaderIcon Proud Owner Of RAP Action Profits

Getting a new product ready to market is just the first step…

Since I’m near of the deadline to launch my 100 page Online Marketing Tutorial called “My Best Income Tools”, I need now a proven and well working Website Management and Affiliate Management Script.

There are many options you can choose from. And there is also a very affordable tool called the $7 Secret Script. You can Download your copy here and it also includes all instructions in an easy to follow manual. It’s well working for any beginner and also many seasoned online marketers use it.

But I wanted to go a step further, having things automated and save some time. That’s the reason why I now bought the Rapid Action Profits Script which is basically just a more professional version of the $ 7 Script. They now offer an easy pay plan with 3 instalments and this was another positive factor for me.

After you have successfully created your own online product (don’t search to far, use good PLR material!), then you have to actually create a sales site that will handle payments and automate the delivery of your new product.  There are more pieces to a good sales system than most people realize, however.

Just to name some of them…

– Do you need a payment processor?
– Or a merchant account?
– Do you have a way to protect your downloads?
– If you don’t already have a HUGE, responsive list…
– Can you recruit and pay affiliates?
– What about JV Partners?
– Do you have a way to collect follow up info from customers?
– Do you have a back-end product – or a One-Time Offer?
– Will your Sales Page convert? How can you test it?

All this could be a little overwhelming!

That’s why you need to check out this new software that just a few people have even discovered yet.

RAP  Action Profits (3 Payment Option) is an all-in-one marketing system that controls lead capture, split-testing, payment processing, affiliate payment, secure downloads, one-time offers, and much more.  It installs easily and you can put it on as many sites as you want!

Whether you have your own product, or a hard drive full of PLR or Resale Rights products and have been looking for a way to get them out into the marketplace making you money, the answer is just plain.

Do yourself a big favour and check RAP out right now!


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PostHeaderIcon 5 Days Super Fast Product Creating

Do you also struggle with writing your first Info Product?

I know, it’s not that easy just to start writing and then come out with good content on any chosen theme, be it for a new product or something where you are even an expert…

If you always get lost and finally cannot find the easy way to sort out everything, then you need a clear system to follow.

And there is real and affordable help!

Right now, you can get my 5-Day step-by-step Super Fast Product Creation Tutorial for under ten bucks. Go here and check it out right now:

This is only a small excerpt of what you will learn from this 60 pages of condensed eBook:

– How to get Started and Change your Mindset
– How to Invest in your most important 30 Minutes
– Your step-by-step 5 Day Coaching Success Plan
– How to get the Right and Most Pulling Keywords
– How to Organise and Wrap up your Ideas
– How to fill up your Skeleton and Start Earning
– And much, much more…

Take a day or two and I guarantee you that at the end of this 5-Day Ebook writing plan you will have created your first info product and be ready to go online with it.

And it is a real fact that in the long run you only can cash in and build your internet business fast with your very own digital product.

I have also packed in three excellent bonuses which will help you even more to skyrocket your sales and online profit.

Go and have a look, grab your piece of success!

It’s really up to you to get started and take the short learning curve. You will be astonished how easy it will be at the end.

Take your chance and get started!

Because I’m currently offering this eBook at the totally fair price of under ten bucks and way below of similar tutorial info products, this price may not last too long! So please do yourself a favour and order it now before the price goes up!

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PostHeaderIcon Why Follow My Best Income Tools?

Hello and a warm welcome to My Income Tools Blog!

My name is Martin Bigler and I am building my Internet Marketing Business since several years. I offer Resources, Tools and Educational Content to interested People to help them building their Internet Business successfully.

Inside of my weekly Educational Newsletter I give profound step-by-step guidance on various Marketing and Sales Tasks.  A big Selection of Free Reports, Downloads and useful Links are available at my main website as well as on my Blog.

The reason for this Blog is the publication of the “MY BEST ICOME TOOLS” Ebook which offers all my knowledge and experience on 100 pages, including many free tools, special bonuses and a 30 Video Tutorial Course.

The free Report and the Ebook will be launched soon. So please stay tuned for my special launch offer and the free report which includes the full index themes of the Ebook.

Thanks for following me and kind regards.


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